Monday, March 2, 2009

Tired = lazy = bad

Today i feel very tired. I haven't done much for today really and it makes me feel very bad. At the moment I'm thinking of postponing my todays work for tomorrow, but i understand that its not a good idea, so decided to write a post about it. I think this might encourage me to continue working harder today and finish my todays jobs. I still need to write 11 200-300 word long articles according to my plan today and its already almost 22PM here, so only 2 hours left for today :/ gotta hurry up.

Decided to postpone part of my second Goal

I have decided to postpone the part of the second goal. I am not postponing the part of earning money, but i postpone the part of making my blog more user friendly. Why i have done it? Because i am thinking of buying my own domain name for the blog and moving it it paid hosting. I think i have already earned enough money so i could have some expenses.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Positive impact of article rewriting to me

Yesterday i got a very huge order of article rewriting. This is going to be the most important job of the week for me. So i wanted to share what impact article writing/rewriting does to me. Here are the key points:

  1. Of course the first one is that i earn money from it.
  2. As I'm not native English i am learning more and more English while writing.
  3. I will have the perfect knowledge of article writing in the future when i will need to write articles for myself.
  4. I am gaining knowledge of business while rewriting articles, because of course i have first to read the original article, then study it and then only rewrite it.
If i think of more points ill update the post later. Now rushing to write more articles (need to do at least six more 200-300 word long articles today).

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interesting google approach

I have just set my second goal to appear in google in the next week. I have just checked and found that i actually am in google, but if i search "" i get no results, but if i search "" i get two results, but they are not the main pages of my blog. Haven't seen anything like this before. Well i hope to get all my blog indexed fast :)

My second goal

My first goal was successful so i wont stop here and continue setting up goals for myself. The second goal i want to reach is to have $50 in my paypal account by March 8th (next Sunday). This mean i will have to more than double my daily income to reach this goal. Another goal for March 8th is to get my blog indexed by Google and make it more beautiful and user friendly to attract readers.

First goal completed!

So my first goal is completed and I'm very happy about that. The setting of a goal really helped me to reach my desired sum of money, because there were not much job for me this week but i tried the best i can do, take any job i can find and reached my goal. Here is the transaction history of my paypal account(for those non believers):

Few reminders: I have started this project in February 23, 2009 and reached my first goal of $10USD in February 28, 2009. The time frame of first goal was five days and i not only reached my goal but also beat it by 13.3%. My average earnings per day were 2.27$

Friday, February 27, 2009

New job

Yesterday i have started a new job that i have never done before. I have started to rewrite articles and already have rewritten 5 400 word long articles and earned 5 dollars total, although haven't been payed yet for it, but i should get payment today i think. The price is so cheap because its my first time doing this. Later i think i would raise my rate to 0.5c per word so basically if i had this rate earlier i would have earned about 10 dollars. There is another such kind of job - article writer job, the normal rate for article writer is about 1c per word, but i don't take this job now because i don't have enough knowledge in it, but when i rewrite big amount of articles and get knowledge in specific niche articles i might start to write them, not only rewrite.